Denial and Greed Create What?

          Are we becoming a country of self-serving cowards as reflected by the conduct of Penn State?

We seem to be creating a country that picks convenient denial for the possibility of future success even sacrificing children and these children’s futures for our own personal greed.  It seems we have a growing epidemic of self-serving cowards educated in denial and are afraid to speak up and fight for truth and justice anymore something others have given their very lives for. What happened at Penn State is just a mirror reflection of what’s happening on an overall scale in this country even reflected by our very own economy and still to date outright denial of the bank fraud that tore this country up.  Money, greed and morality and humanity are being sacrificed for a possibility of personal success. Just be quiet look away and don’t say anything negative. This seems to be the new code of the ever growing greedy cowards we seem to be creating and glorifying and worshiping in our country.


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